ESC Global Security team prevents pirate attack 28.02.2012

On 28th of February, at 3 pm local time, south of the Port of Salalah, Oman, armed pirates attacked and attempted to board a Greek cargo ship, the M/V Spiliani. Thanks to ESC Global Security guards on board the attack was prevented.
“There were 8 pirates on board the pirate skiff. They were equipped with Kalashnikov AK-47 automatic rifles and one RPG grenade launcher. All basic deterrence procedures were implemented, before ESC Global Security guards fired warning shots at the pirate ship. Defensive positions were maintained until the pirate vessel broke off the attack,” reported ESC Global Security CEO, Jaanus Rahumägi. 

Nearby coalition forces were informed about the attack and their helicopter reacted immediately. The pirates broke off the attack at approximately 16.00 local time and coalition forces’ assistance was in the end not needed.

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