ESC is licensed to serve on Belgian flagged vessels 17.04.2014

ESC Global Security is proud to announce that we are the first company to gain license from the Belgian Ministry of Interior to provide security services on Belgian flagged vessels.
Since 26th of July 2013 ESC holds the license to serve on Belgian flagged vessels. We were the first company to pass the Belgian accreditation. Belgian accreditation is considered quite complex and delicate as it requires proper knowledge of the applicable Belgian legislation and RUF besides other applicable international and foreign legislation necessary for the lawful rendering of our services. Belgian authorities have done a thorough investigation about our procedures and other operational documents and confirmed the compliance with the Belgian Flag State requirements.
Don't hesitate to contact our CFO, Mr. Madis Madalik in case you have any further questions about the Belgian license or you would need an estimate for a specific journey.

 The license application was co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.