Increase of the Piracy Activity in HRA 18.10.2013

SW monsoon has declined and this conditions may last until the North East Monsoon begins, historically around mid-November. An increase in small boat activity is being observed in the most prominent fishing areas and coastal waters, mainly in Gulf of Aden and Northwestern Somali Basin as local conditions are getting better. The latest reports of the Attacks (11 OCT and 14 OCT) in Somali Basin, indicate the increase of the Piracy Activity in HRA.
Due to the fact that the suspected Chief of the Somali pirates was arrested at the Belgium airport on 12 OCT, there is a warning given to P&I clubs that the Belgium flagged vessels might be the targets for the Somali Pirates.
We recommend Master's to maintain high vigilance in HRA and enforce the protective measures of the vessels with the Armed Security Teams!