Safeguarding data through increased awareness 23.11.2015

Advancement in broadband technologies and the move towards ‘Big Data’ and 'Ship Intelligence' could leave the maritime industry vulnerable to cyber-crime unless it develops a better awareness of ICT (information, communication technology) security and adopts security best practice.

The past year has been a busy one for cyber criminals, with over 500 data breaches and more than 150 million records exposed in 2015. January, April and July were the biggest months this year in terms of major security breaches and with the end of year looming – always a period given to an increase in data breaches – it is vitally important to remain cyber conscious and implement protective measures.


ESC Global Security is a leader in Cyber Security for Maritime and Critical Infrastructure with vastly experienced cyber professionals.  ESC has produced a whitepaper to help our customers ensure they are focusing on major areas that could mean the difference between an averted Cyber Breach and major financial loss resulting from a Cyber Breach.


Stay Safe and Protect your business.


Download the White Paper here