Rescue mission report - UPDATED 07.09.2013

On 17 AUG 2013, Security Team of ESC Global Security on board the Merchant Vessel, participated in the rescue operation of the fishing vessel, which was drifting approximately 60 NM from coast of Seychelles already for 13 days without fuel, food and water.

The crew of Merchant Vessel gave the Supplies to the fishing vessel as needed, but due to the battery problems, the fishing vessel was left to drift to wait for the Coast Guard vessel to escort her to the port.

According to the information received from Seychelles Police, the crew of the fishing vessel appeared to be the suspects of narcotics traffic.

Some of the suspected crew members of the fishing vessel were taken on board by the ESC Security Team and were handed over to Seychelles Coast Guard and narcotics police near the Port of Victoria.

The Seychelles police appreciated the good cooperation with ESC Security Team.

All 5 crew members from the fishing vessel were arrested. Seychelles Coast Guard found 35kg marihuana from board of the fishing vessel and whole crew was sentenced to prison for lifetime. The initial plan of the crew was to transport the narcotics from Madagascar to Seychelles black-market.