Data Loss Prevention Services

Many organizations create and use sensitive/confidential data which helps the organization maintain the business, stay ahead of the competition, maintain legal liability of data privacy and protection for example customer data and credit card information. In many recent high visibility cases as with the Bradley Manning case, the Edward Snowden case or the Advanced Persistent Threats in which the New York Times exposed in 2013. Data Loss prevention threats can occur from an internal employee whom accidentally leaks data, or with the Manning and Snowden cases in which a internal disgruntled employee purposely leaked data or as with the Advanced Persistent Threats in which the data was specifically targeted to gain either competitive advantages, Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets. Data Loss Prevention for a company whom relies on their IP, Confidential Information, Customers data and Credit Card information is hugely an important task. Data Loss Prevention prevents against the misuse, disclosure of information, unapproved modification of data or destruction of the data. In some cases the security threat will even encrypt the data and will only disclose the private key for a financial gain. For example if the correct systems and processes in place would have prevented Bradley Manning from extracting sensitive confidential data onto CD’s.

Service Benefits

Implementing Data Loss Prevention services will help ensure that correct data classifications are being utilized therefore reducing the risk of classified and confidential data being stored on weak systems or in public clouds. This service helps identify how to treat classified and confidential data ensuring that sensitive data is not easily copied to USB, written to CD’s, or stored on public storage like Drop box, icloud and Google drive.

Service Deliverables

  1. Identify which public clouds are being used how to reduce data loss risks

  2. Identify and report on Data Classification standards with


  3. Recommend suitable products designed to reduce data loss risk

Pricing Model

One-Time fee and Subscriptions Models 

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