Disaster Recovery Exercising

Disaster Recovery Exercising service focuses on performing sequenced testing tasks to ensure that required processes are carried out in correct order and priority as well as that technology works as predicted to restore business operations in an event of actual crisis or disaster.

Benefits and Justification:

Disaster Recovery Exercising service helps to ensure that business operations are restored and required service levels (RTO, RPO) are met following an actual crisis or a disaster.
Disaster Recovery Exercising provides valuable input into risk assessments and service level management initiatives from business continuity and disaster recovery standpoint.

Findings from Disaster Recovery Exercising can and should effectively be used developing more reliable and predictable service, application and infrastructure architectures.


  • Evaluation and improvement of existing disaster recovery plans.

  • Evaluation and improvement of existing disaster recovery and business

    continuity processes from disaster recovery exercising standpoint.

  • Coordination and execution of disaster recovery exercises:

    • call-tree exercises
    • table-top tests
    • tests performed in test environments or recovery data centers
    • production tests addressing specific tier of service, application or infrastructure
    • full production infrastructure or data center black-out tests
    • scenario based exercises, such as IT outages due to technology failure or human error, power outages, supplier failures, natural disasters, labor issues, sabotage and environmental disasters o any combination of the above
  • Analysis of disaster recovery exercise outcomes resulting in identification and prioritization of improvement actions necessary to improve recovery capability and predictability.


One-Time fee and Subscriptions Models 

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