Encryption Services

It is important that sensitive confidential data is being encrypted, in the past it became common that data being transported outside of the organization was only encrypted for example data being accessed by remote workers via VPN connectivity, or data being stored on laptops that where taken outside of the office and/or removable media like flash storage. In recent reports from the media as like with the Edward Snowden reports on the NSA and the Target cases where data was being extracted before it had been encrypted. The data was being leaked at the source so now it is more important that the data is being encrypted end to end. Encryptions services can be from ensuring data is being encrypted either on network storage, during transportation within the internal network and external network, when being accessed by remote workers, for collaboration and communications like email and messaging services, for secure web services, for mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, for removable media like thumb drives and flash drives, for cloud storage like dropbox, google drive and one drive and to ensure it is a context controls so that encryption levels vary from the least sensitive data to the most sensitive data ensuring that a layered encryption approach is used.

Service Benefits

Today it is no longer enough to encrypt data that travels between he public Internet. It is also important to encrypt the data end to end across both internal and external networks. This ensures both the confidential and integrity of the data ensuring that unapproved access and tamper of the data does not occur. Majority major breaches in 2013 on identify theft, PCI information and confidential data occurred before it had left the organization and before it became encrypted. This highlights the important on end to end encryption services.

Service Deliverables

  1. Review on existing Encryption services and areas of weakness

  2. Identify Data Classifications and Multiple Levels of Encryption algorithms

    depending on how sensitive the data

  3. On Premise and Hosted PKI Services recommendations

Pricing Model

One-Time fee and Subscriptions Models 

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