Identify human threats actors

As well as understanding the motives for the cyber security attack it is crucial to understand who is behind it. We help identify both internal and external the highest risks related to human threats.

The following threat communities are examples of the human malicious threat landscape many organizations face:


  • Employees (Knowingly or Unknowingly)
  • Contractors (and vendors)

  • Partners


  • Cyber-criminals (professional hackers) – Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

  • Spies – Espionage

  • Non-professional hackers

  • Activists

  • Nation-state intelligence services (e.g., counterparts to the CIA, etc.)

  • Malware (virus/worm/etc.) authors

Service Benefits

At ESC Cyber Security we help organizations map out the human threats and who is the most likely internal and external cyber threats to the organizations. For e.g. in 2013 the majority of cyber threats resulted from internal employees either knowingly or unknowingly putting the organizations systems and information at risk.

Service Deliverables

A detailed report on the human actors who are the most likely to threaten the organization IT Systems and Information security. Knowing where the threat source will come from will help prioritize the correct preventive layered security measures to reduce the security risk.

  1. A detailed report on threat actors
A detailed report on threat map and weaknesses

Pricing Model

One-Time fee and Subscriptions Models

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