Anti-Piracy Security Services

Whether it is a yacht kept in the the sunny Caribbean or a freighter transiting the pirate infested waters off the coast of Somalia, security is an issue. ESC Global Security provides a fully customised and ISO 28000/28007 certified maritime security service in correlation with the actual threat risk. The package of services includes a balanced mix of on-site training, operational security techniques and tactics, non-lethal counter-measures and armed response. 

We have experience with a wide variety of crafts from dredgers to Panamax tankers. Our service is tailor-made for each voyage and for each vessel. It begins before the voyage, providing pro-active, practical measures for securing the vessel physically and concludes with an after-action report, containing voyage analysis and recommendations for future transits. We are main security provider for major dredging, tanker, heavy lift, bulk carrier and submersible vessel companies. Average number of vessels protected per month is 35. Our clients are the biggest EU vessel companies, whose fleet size in total surpasses 1000 vessels.

ESCGS is allowed to provide ISO 28000/28007 certified services on more than 30 different flagstate vessels, which is almost 85% of the world’s merchant fleet. Please see the list of serviceable flagstates.

SEND INQUIRY  or ask for more information   ESCGS@ESCGS.COM

Our security personnel are highly qualified and motivated

  • Composed by European ex-military and law enforcement personnel with extensive experience from NATO, EU, UN missions and ATALANTA vessel protection operations (experience from missions in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan).
  • All our guards are properly vetted, trained and regularly tested (regular trainings and tests on physical fitness, Rules for the Use of Force, pirate tactics, counter-piracy tactics, safe weapon handling and marksmanship)

  • The entire personnel has been trained to enforce deterrence as a main effort and to use force only as a last resort. 

ESCGS is fully compliant with international rules and regulations

  • Fully licensed and headquartered in Estonia (member of the EU)
  • Signatory to International Code of Conduct for private security service providers (iCoC)
  • Fully compliant with industry guidelines and legislation – according to the IMO Circular 1405rev1 
  • Certified to ISO standards (ISO 28000:2007, ISO 28007-1:2015)
  • Cooperating with local professional agents and managing local subsidiaries in areas where ESC is operating
  • Vetted by numerous companies, P&I Clubs, insurances and EU governments with 100% success rate

ESCGS only procures top-quality equipment from reliable partners

  • ESC Global security ensures that all weapons used are fully owned by ESC Global security and procured through licensed arms dealers with proven credentials from the european union and uk

  • All of our weapons hold valid EUC’s

  • All weapons are equipped with scopes or aim points

  • Protective equipment: helmets (level III), ballistic vests (level 4), additional vests can be brought for the protection of client’s crew

  • The following semi-automatic weapons are used by the security team: FN L1A1 & Browning Bar Match long range rifles (.308 caliber) and Aaiga 12 Gauge shotguns for closer contact. 

Medical Consultancy Service is Available 24/7

ESC has medical consultancy service contract for assisting ESC Global Security's security team medics during their missions. Immediate specialist consultation on medical emergency issues and counselling for medical equipment and drugs is provided over phone or e-mail. Every Team Medic / Team Leader can contact the specialists in case of any kind of injury and receive professional advice from the qualified doctor. The service is available 24/7. 

Principles of vessel preparation with security means:

  • Physical hardening of the Vessel  (Best Management Practices);
  • Security drills conducted with the Crew of the vessel;
  • Training level of the Security Teams meet always high International Standards.

Principles of the Use of Force for ESC Security Teams:

  • Early and active use of more visible non-lethal measures;
  • Clearly defined warning procedures;
  • Use of Lethal Force is always the Last Resort.