Cyber Security Training

ESC Global Security provides our clients with professional and must have Cyber Security training to help prepare and defend against cyber security attacks.  Our trainers are cyber professionals with vast experience in many industries and a passion to share our knowledge and experience with our clients. 

Phishing and Identity theft assessments, simulations and training 

We help companies identify and prepare for targeted phishing attacks, our professional training provides employees with the must needed knowledge on becoming the first line of cyber defence. The training is tailored to help companies enable their employees to identify suspicious activity, enable proactive alerting and remediation. Helping employees quickly know the difference between an authentic email and a targeted phishing attack. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report employees open 23% of phishing emails and 11% click on the attachment. Our training professionals help companies reduce this significantly and improve not only the security and safety of the client but also the personal online activities of their employees bringing cyber security protection beyond the boundaries of the office.    

User security awareness training 

User Security awareness training is the most effective and quickest way for companies to improve their Cyber Security posture. In addition to technology and security solutions, user security awareness training can mitigate the cyber security risks more than 25%. We have vast experience in helping tailor user security awareness training programs, rolling out the training and evolving it to be an effective and efficient cyber defence risk mitigation. We have experience in automation of these processes and help companies enable and educate employees into Cyber Ambassadors. Our trainers have experience in rolling out and successfully implementing User Security Awareness training programs in Governments and large companies with more than 100k employees.     

Technical training on Vulnerability and Threat Detection Assessments 

Every company needs to be proactively searching for vulnerabilities and active breaches.  We always assume that is breach is in progress and therefore continuous random assessments are always occurring. Our Cyber Security professionals help our clients IT departments and technical staff prepare for Data Breach Incidents and Forensics, we help train the teams on how to be more effective in threat detection. Educating technical teams on the latest vulnerabilities, effective ways to mitigate against vulnerabilities and best practice methods on patch management. Our cyber professionals are up to date on latest vulnerability and threat detection assessment tools and technologies and can help provide training on each tool.  This is the most effective way to train IT teams on how to be ready to identify the risks, implement risk mitigation controls and when a breach is identified how to quickly assess the situation and contain the breach. 

Executive Briefings 

ESC Global Security are an expert advisor to Maritime in Cyber Security Threats. We have tailored Executive Briefings to executives be aware on the cyber threat landscape, what are the risks, how they apply to their organisation and what the effective measures they can take to mitigate those risks. It is the utmost importance that the executive team have an broad industry view and can learn from other industries experiences and active threats. 

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