1. General Provisions

1.1. The Adult Education Act and other relevant legislation shall serve as the basis for the organisation of adult education in ESC OÜ.

1.2. Studies take place on the basis of the training calendar of the Training Centre and the number of people in groups.

1.3. An academic hour constitutes the basis for the calculation of the duration of the training course (one academic hour is equal to 45 minutes).

1.4. A training course shall be organised as individual or group training, depending on the particular training course.

1.5. Study regulations, programmes and schedules are available on the website.

1.6. Programmes developed on the basis of a contract for the purpose of training only those individuals specified in the contract are not disclosed on the website.

2. Registration for Training Course

2.1. Contact details for requests for information or registration for a training course are as follows: e-mail or mobile +372 507 6406.

3. Payment for Training Course

3.1. Payment for a training course shall be made by the term specified on the invoice.

3.2. Tuition fees are not reimbursed upon failure to attend the training course, failure to notify of the foregoing or discontinuation of the training course. 50% of the tuition fees will be reimbursed if the participant notifies of their withdrawal from the training course (e-mailing or phoning +372 507 6406) no less than 14 days prior to the training course.

4. Withdrawal from or Postponement or Cancellation of Training Course

4.1. If the trainee is unable to participate in the training course, corresponding notice shall immediately be given by e-mailing or phoning +372 507 6406.

4.2. ESC OÜ has the right to cancel the training course in the event of an insufficient number of participants or to postpone the course until a sufficient number of participants has been reached.

4.3. Individuals who have registered for the training course will be informed of postponement or cancellation by telephone or e-mail.

4.4. If the training course is cancelled for reasons arising from the organisers, the tuition fees shall be reimbursed.

5. Organisation and Termination of Training Course

5.1. A person participating in the training course shall fill in a registration form at the beginning of the training course.

5.2. The training course is considered to have been completed if at least 80% of the programme has been completed and other requirements (exam, pass/fail evaluation, practical work etc.) arising from the training programme have been complied with.

5.3. A person participating in the training course shall complete the corresponding feedback forms at the end of the course.

5.4. At the end of the training course, ESC OÜ shall issue a certificate to each person who has completed the course.

6. Rights and Obligations of Trainees

6.1. The trainees shall have the right to:

6.1.1. examine the study regulations and training programme of the Training Centre prior to the commencement of studies and receive additional information on the training course.

6.2. The trainees shall be required to:

6.2.1. maintain the confidentiality of training materials and not disclose them to third parties.