Qualifications and Standards

ESC Diving Unit consists of military and ex-military divers who are qualified to conduct UXO removal operations down to 80 meters beneath sea surface. ESC diving unit has been certified according to IMCA standards (UK Professional Diving Academy), and has also obtained the certification from the US EOD specific training.

ESC EOD divers have extensive experience in handling the real UXO-s, as the divers have participated in several NATO mine clearance operations for locating, identifying, removing and disposing the UXO-s in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and in the Caribbean. ESC divers are experienced in working in very difficult conditions such as zero visibility, arctic cold and hot tropical climates. 

In-Water Survey diving team is Bureau Veritas certified.

The management system of ESC Global Security is applicable to ISO 9001:2008 Management System Standards.

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