Underwater Services

UXO Surveys

From one lost UXO to full service UXO surveys covering hundreds of hectares. All ESC Global Security UXO survey works are carried out precisely and diligently. All our surveys are conducted in accordance with the best practices of the industry and by strictly following the local laws.

In order to ensure the most precise results, our surveys are executed by qualified sonar and magnetometer operators using top-of-the-line equipment: magneto-meters, side scan sonars, bottom mapping software and ROV-s. 

UXO Removal and/or EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

  • Every UXO is unique and needs to be handled properly in order to guarantee maximum safety to the personnel, vessels and environment. The safe removal and/or possible disposal of the found UXO depends on its location, size and condition.
  • UXO removal is undertaken according to internal (company management system and guidance) and external (location specific) regulations.
  • As ESC Global Security operates worldwide, precise preparations and cooperation with the local law enforcement authorities are carried out prior to any EOD operation. All operations are conducted by experienced EOD divers and their support personnel by using top-of-the-line equipment and procedures. 

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